Human Resource Management

Portfolio containing evidence and written responses to the questions asked.
Part 1. Targeted CV and Cover Letter.
This task is to prepare a targeted CV and a tailored covering letter for a placement or graduate role that you have chosen. You should justify your choice of placement/role by undertaking background research into different industry sectors/organisations and the types of HR roles available so that you can explain why you have made your choice. Your CV and covering letter should be tailored to the particular placement/role showing how your skills and aspirations make you a suitable candidate. 1200-1500 words.
Part 2. Skills analysis and personal development plan.
You have been successful in securing the placement/role that you applied for. Your new line manager has asked you to produce a personal development plan for two skill areas where you feel further development would be benefit. To help your line manager understand the skill areas he/she has asked you to produce a short introduction to your plan explaining the relevance and contribution of each skill area to HR practice. Your introduction should include:
a) An overview of each skill area, demonstrating its important to HR professional practice, with particular reference to the CIPD map. 400 words.
b) A critical review of each skill area you own strengths and weaknesses in relation to it, using appropriate models and theories to support your analysis. 700 words.
c) Your personal development plan should cover a 3 month period and include information about how you can develop your skills in each area. 400 words.