How do HR managers select the most effective people for positions within their organization?


This is for a Human Resources Management class

The main body of the paper must be 4-5 double-spaced pages.
•Must Include three electronic references in APA format.
•Must provide a comprehensive answer to the question you asked at the beginning of the research project.
•Must clearly show linkage to one or more chapter learning goals.
•Must include your personal conclusion about the topic resulting from your investigation of it.
•Must explain how your understanding at the end of research is different from or similar to your thoughts at the beginning.
Proposed HR Research Topic: How do HR managers select the most effective people for positions within their organization?

The HR questions I’m trying answer: What tools are used to select qualified individuals for positions? What makes an individual more qualified than the other?

Chapter learning goals the HR topic is linked to: CH 4 – Job Analysis and the talent management process, CH 5 – Personnel planning and recruiting, CH 6 – employee testing and selection and CH 7 – interviewing candidates.

The reason why you selected the HR research topic: I’ve been in the federal government going on 7 years now (In January) and I’ve applied for a number of jobs in that time frame. I’ve received request for interviews and even job offers, but for those positions where I didn’t receive an offer, I always asked why. I knew I was qualified for the position why didn’t I receive the offer? Was it because I actually wasn’t qualified, did I perform poorly in my interview or did hiring managers already have someone in mind as far as the selection is concerned? Another reason I would like to dig into this topic more is; we spend tens of thousands of dollars going to further our education so we can get better jobs. Is having a degree actually something HR managers look for or, would someone with 10 years of experience and no college degree get picked over someone with a college degree?