Consumer Culture

Consumer Culture
Write a 2000-words essay in response to ONE of the following questions:
1. The body is emerging as a conduit of identity construction in late modern consumer society. Using theories (see suggestion below) introduced to you in the lecture, discussed how an individual’s self-identity are constructed, represented, negotiated and/or performed within the marketplace.
Note: You should discuss your essay in relation to ONE aspect of identity project as suggested below:
a. Gender Identity
b. Tribal Identity/Subcultural Identity
c. Posthumanism
d. Race
2. Discuss the extent to which the globalisation of consumer culture engenders a cosmopolitan culture, where individuals show ‘openness toward a divergent cultural experiences’ (Hannerz 1990: 239). You should discuss your essay using theories of cultural globalisation introduced to you in the lecture and illustrate your arguments with supporting examples.
Key Theories and Suggestions
• You must address the question asked and not try to re-define, ‘twist it round’, or state it in more general terms -to allow you to write about something else. In order to remind yourself of this, always put the question addressed at the beginning of your work. ‘Not answering the question’ will result in a significant loss of marks.

• You must demonstrate ability to synthesize key theories and concepts and develop key themes and/or arguments.

• Your essay must be supported by illustrative examples and/or case studies. You are allowed to use supporting media and/or materials (such as images, sound and other medium).

• Being asked to discuss something is not the same as being asked to list statements. A discussion will consider alternative points of view and your own thinking and evaluation should be apparent in the discussion of the topic.


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