Advancing Career Development

Assignment Information
This assignment is designed to assess learning outcomes 1-4 and accounts for 100% of the overall module mark.
This assignment requires you to prepare a portfolio of total length no more than 2,000 words demonstrating your activities on the module and the learning you have acquired in accordance with the four learning outcomes. The intended learning outcomes are that on completion of this module the student should be able to:
• Participate in a professional networking environment and appreciate the benefits of such an environment for employers and potential employees.
• Enhance graduate ’employability’ skills of personal development, such as: CV writing, interview skills, meeting management, effective e-mailing.
• Perform an analysis of the graduate labour market and discuss possible job opportunities in their preferred industry(ies).
• Analyse the advantages/disadvantages of working in different kinds of employment -(Public Sector/Private Sector/Voluntary Sector and large /medium-sized/small organisations).