eBusiness Feasibility Study Assignment

A feasibility study is used to look at the opportunities and issues that arise in developing a new business idea or opportunity. It is done before a business plan is written, and its purpose is to help managers decide whether or not a new venture or business idea is worth pursuing. A full feasibility study would include sections on financial, resource, and management/operational feasibility. For the purposes of this assignment, you are not required to justify the content in these sections, just to demonstrate that you can comment on costs, resource availability , and whether or not the staff and management can do the work.
You must select an eBusiness idea on which to base your study. This could be for a completely new venture, or an idea for an existing business or organization to establish, change or extend its online presence or business channels. The organization can be a for-profit or not-for profit venture.
Length: approx 16- 24 double spaced pages (excluding appendices and references)