Contemporary Issues in Business – Individual Report

This assignment will assess the following outcomes:

3. Appraise models and theories of consumer behavior which are necessary to understand and analyse the behavior of consumers in the market place.

4. Analyse the role of consumer behavior within the formulation of marketing strategy.Write a 3000 word individual case study based on a company with which you are familiar. The study should investigate the influence of consumer behaviour on the marketing strategy adopted by the company. Research and describe the following elements as they are implemented by your chosen company.

• Influential factors on customer behaviour.
• Identifying and analysing customers’ needs.
• Consumer Profiling & Market Segmentation.
• Analysis of stakeholders.
• Ethics & Responsibilities.
• Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
• Produce / service development.
• Unique selling proposition.
• Marketing, planning and strategy.

You should select a company from the travel, tourism, hotel, restaurant, catering or licensed trade sectors of industry.

Using secondary and primary research, as well as your own experience or knowledge of the company, identify how consumer behaviour is identified and considered within the company’s marketing strategy. You must consider and analyse models & theories of consumer behaviour throughout your work.

Present your work with Assignment Front Sheet on a ‘Word’ document using – font Arial size 12. All work should be fully referenced in a bibliography at the rear of your assignment, as well as copies of any appendices