Business Enterprise Environment

Answer all questions. All questions carry equal marks. The total word count for your transcript should not exceed 3000 words. Should references and citations be utilized in the paper, please use the APA file format. The submitted work should be submitted as a single MS Word Document.

Question 1:
Discuss using examples how Porter’s 5 Forces model can be utilized in determining the appeal of a particular non domestic market.

Question 2:
On March 11th 2013 the CITES Conference was held in Bangkok and made sweeping changes to the way in which certain species of fish and shark are hunted and captured. Discuss how such an organization can make such changes, the source of their authority and the implications in the modifications that they have made on international trade.

Question 3:
In developing an e-Commerce business plan, there is a need to decide between hosted solutions and non-hosted solutions and whether to utilize open source software solutions. Discuss using examples the considerations needed to make these decisions.

Question 4:
Discuss the impact of Information Communication and Technology (ICT) on developing economies. What solutions have been utilized to enable the development of infrastructure within these developing economies and what impact is expected because of such deployments. Select a single country to utilize in your response.