Business and Marketing Analysis

Business and Marketing Analysis

This is a research assignment about a consumer packaged goods company:You decide to put the marketing strategy to the test. Choose a company in the consumer packaged goods industry. Research the company?s Web site by searching for corporate information or requesting corporate marketing materials from the company. Pay attention to the About Us section of the Web site, and look for news releases that track recent activities related to financial standing, new-product launches, and leadership news.

You understand that the marketing plan must be aligned with the strategic business plan. You decide to define a market-oriented mission statement that fits with the organization?s current environment. Using your selected company, research the mission statement. The mission statement defines the purpose of the company?the reason it exists. The mission statement is also based on the organization?s distinct competencies and leads to the company?s business and marketing objectives.

Further affecting a company?s marketing plan are the variables outside of the marketing that affect the company?s ability to build and retain its customer relationships. Developing a positioning strategy is the first step toward differentiating the company?s products from the competition.

Research and write an analysis about the following:

?What is the company?s mission statement?
?Find the company business and marketing objectives and goals, and list the top 3?5 goals.
?Define the company?s product position in the marketplace and its differentiation strategies.

Here are two links to choosing a consumer packaged goods company: The Hunt Group, Inc., Top 100 Global Consumer Packaged Goods Companies (Non Food/Beverage**)

The list at the link below includes leading food and beverage CPG companies.
Food Processing, Food Processing’s Top 100


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