I am planning to have a project whereby I can offer online summaries of books new/old in all the genres (novel, psychology, science etc… It will be like an online portal.

for people who don’t have the time to read a full text, cannot reach it or couldn’t afford the full price. I am looking for comprehensive and professional business/feasibility study. to cover areas mentioned below:

And I am available if you have any queries or u need extra details.

U can write in two phases: Startup/pilot not for profit phase.
And established profitable phase

Business Overview
1.1 Executive summary

Market Research
2.1 Industry awareness
2.2 Market segmentation – customers
2.3 Evidence of customer demand
2.4 Competitors analysis.
2.5 SWOT analysis

Market Plan
3.1 Price
3.2 Promotion

Legal Matters
4.1 Intellectual Property
4.2 Other

Financial Plan
5.1 Start up costs
5.2 Copyrights
5.3 Break-even Analysis
5.4 Cashflow forecast
5.5 Profit and loss forecast
5.6 Costs(Staffing, Management and technology etc.
5.7 Possibility of fundraising