Budgeting Module

“Discuss the advantages and disadvantage of budget participation from the employer’s point of view and employee’s point of view?” Do you think participative budgeting often an effective tool? Why?

The assignment should contain approximately 1000 words in a typed format in ‘Times New Roman’ font, size 12 with 1.5 line spacing and page numbers.
Students are required to demonstrate their ability by producing in their own words. When using references and quotations to support your summary in the assignment, students must reference any ideas or data that are not their own. Any plagiarism from any books will be subject to a deduction of marks. Please write in short and clear!!

The assignment should consist of the following section, in order of appearance:
1) Assignment cover page.
2) Table of contents.
3) Introduction.
4) The body.
5) Conclusions.
6) Recommendations.
7) List of references and appendices (if any).






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