Budget Recommendations Presentation

Budget Recommendations Presentation
Upload the excel file and word document that pertains to this project.
Create an 8- to 10-slide Microsoft PowerPoint or Prezi presentation to the Board of Directors of the company you chose for the Corporate Financial Analysis assignment, in which you:
Illustrate the company’s current financial outlook based on a comparison of income and expenditures from the most recently available data.
Hypothesize budgetary challenges that may be limiting profitability for the company.
Recommend budgetary strategies that could help the organization improve their profitability.
Compose a script for each slide in your presentation using the notes section of Microsoft PowerPoint, or a Microsoft Word document if using Prezi.
Cite any resources used in APA format.
This week it is time to identify solutions for growth to a company. Think of your assignment as if you were in a management position at the company you researched and you were asked to increase the revenue to the company; keeping in mind the current state of the financials (profit; liquidity; and activity). Get creative in identifying opportunities to grow the business.