Asia Pacific Business

3000 words (+/- 10%) 2700-3300words
How can we account for the rise and growing role of multinational enterprises from the Asia Pacific in the global economy? Specify your reasons using corporate cases of multinationals from different industries and different countries of origin.
Please note that when you are analyzing, for example, Japanese multinationals in the electronics industry, your comparisons do not have to be limited to Japanese rivals. Comparisons with Asia Pacific and European multinationals may be more apt and useful. The same point applies to Korea, Chinese and Taiwanese firms. Consider too a number of perspectives, including the aims of Japanese multinationals in relation to global strategies; the aims of Korean and Chinese multinationals and international business strategies; differences between industries and types of business; the degree of global versus regional control, and changes in operational control over time; the competitive advantages of these multinationals compared to those of rivals; variations in management, organization, and operations between home country and host nations; the ability of Japanese, Korean and Chinese multinationals to compete in Europe, Asia and North America, and their ability to adapt to changes in policy and markets; and the policies of host governments and the relevance of the EU.