Writing academic essay


Writing academic essay has specific guidelines that other forms of writing do not adhere to. Its aim is to convince readers of a notion based on facts. The important part is to understand the topic before starting to write. This is because your writing will be evidence based as you try to explain the subject.

Writing academic essay is configured as follows; the introduction, body and conclusion. The introductory paragraph is supposed to be appealing to the reader so that they want to read more of your essay. The main body comprises of the detailed explanation of the subject, where your points must flow in perfect order for the reader to understand you clearly. The conclusion is a recap of the whole essay where you can give a recommendation based on your research.

The length of the essay is also considered. In many cases, the length of your writing will be determined by your lecturer. This helps you to be able to explain all your important points in detail, and also avoid verbosity. Having too many words can make your essay boring, and you may also find yourself straying from the subject, therefore limiting the number of words to be used is important. All these steps are inclined towards having a good essay.

When writing academic essays, it is important to give references so that the reader can know where exactly you got your information from. Failure to properly acknowledge your sources amounts to plagiarism, as your work will appear to be copied. Plagiarism puts you in an awkward situation, where you risk having your results cancelled or expulsion. It is therefore important to recognize other people’s work, which shows you conducted a research, and puts you in a good position to have good grades. Plagiarism must be avoided at all costs because of its repercussions.