Teaching and Assessment Program

Topic: Teaching and Assessment Program
Task: Extended teaching program
Prepare a detailed teaching program for English, equivalent to 25 daily periods (5 weeks).
The program must be a finished document containing all the detail needed for immediate implementation.
Plan for a lower-secondary year group, 8-10.
Relevant curriculum documents, text types and planning methods will be explored in the Unit Modules. Your program must conform to the curriculum requirements and to the principles and methods demonstrated in the unit Modules.
(I will be uploading a LOT of documents, which will include all of the resources provided throughout the course. I don’t know if it will all be relevant)
I am also unsure of the number of words for this assignment. The assignment does specify a number of pages, but the pages are using tables and calendars so the word count would be low on quite a few of them.
Therefore, if you feel you need more pages, please let me know.