Summary about Geography Article

Summary about Geography Article

Project description
Find an article summarize it, and explain how it is geographical / involves geographers,

• Article Requirements:
• Newspapers all over the country (Omaha World Herald, New York Times, etc) or magazines (National Geographic, Time magazine, etc), ALL carry geographical articles. I want you to start THINKING Geographically. In fact, that is why I am having the class submit news articles. In other words, I want you to start seeing GEOGRAPHIC PATTERNS AND EVENTS in things AROUND YOU (and the world) that you have always taken for granted.

o All you need is an article that is GEOGRAPHICAL and addresses WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY.
o Your article also needs to have the SOURCE on it (who published it).

o DATE OF PUBLICATION – the day it was PUBLISHED BY THE NEWSPAPER/ MAGAZINE, I want to see how OLD it is. ( 2 years is the maximum age it can be. )

o Attach to the article a less-than-one-page summary of the news story. Be sure to address what particular aspects of geography it addresses, and make suggestions as to how geographers might be involved in the events.


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