Evaluate the effectiveness of Wikipedia

Evaluate the effectiveness of Wikipedia.com.

You will develop a clear claim about the effectiveness of Wikipedia,answering the following question: Can we, as researchers, trust the information provided on this site?
You will choose an entry from Wikipedia that pertains to your major, interests, or course of study. Choose an article that you can evaluate without doing heavy research into the subject. You will use this article along with a dataset of articles pertaining to Wikipedia and making various different claims about the site and its effectiveness.
You will be expected to:
? Closely and critically read a series of articles about Wikipedia.
? Develop an arguable claim with clear reasons.
? Provide grounds and backing for your reasons and warrants.
Criteria: Papers should….
? Include significant details about the website: its goals, history, a description of services, main features, what makes it unique, some of the problems or difficulties in the message it conveys, an analysis of the way in which the visual elements of the site work with the text, to what audience does this site appeal, etc.
? Provide detailed discussions which answer the following questions
o Who uses this space for information (What is the audience of the site?)
o Who provides the information (Are the authors credible?)
o What is the message of the site (Is the information accurate and current?, etc.)


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