Football: Seeing Is Believing

Please Edit This Essay According To Rubric Below. Also, Please Attach A Cover Letter Which Should Be The First Page. A Cover Letter Is a formal analysis of your individual writing process.
A cover letter is critical thinking applied to your writing process. You should approach it as �meta-analysis� or self-observation of the steps you took to create your essay. A Cover Letter Should be 250 Words. The Essay Is Already Written Just Add The Cover Letter And Follow Below Comments On The Rubric That I Have Attached.

English 103 Rubric for Essays


Essay Assignment: This I Believe

MLA Format: Yes__X___ No_____ (If �No� 5 pts. deducted from original grade)

Does essay clearly respond to the assigned topic? Yes__X__ No_____ (If �No,� no credit is given. Essay must be rewritten to fulfill the assignment only according to the class revision schedule.)
Original Grade: (maximum 75)

Extra Points for On-Time Upload: +10

Essay Elements

Max pts. are listed
Improvement Needed
Unsatisfactory or Fail
(Additional Comments)

Cover Page

25 pts.

Self-analysis of writing steps/process

Essay�s evolution from notes to final draft.

Qualities of thought


No cover page attached/uploaded.
Writing Clarity

10 pts.

Correct sentences and grammar as part of effective expression;

word choice and sentence style

The writing is somewhat clear; however, there are quite a few sentence fragments and spelling errors.

Organization & Coherence


unified and �organic� beginning middle and end;

appropriate paragraph style and length

effective transitions, use of key words and phrases, clear and cohesive integration of quotations and any second source material
The paper is organized, but the single body paragraph is too long. It would have been ideal to create two body paragraphs.




Cohesive structure of thesis statement and topic sentences (correctly placed and clearly stated) directly affects argumentation

sound logic & other aspects of persuasive discourse (avoids bias, slanted language, unfounded claims, bias)

displays logos, ethos, pathos)

analysis or evaluation rather than summary or simple narration

The argument is clear, but is not clearly supported. Your body paragraph is unfortunately almost entirely summary instead of reasons for why you believe in football.



Representative, sufficient, specific, and relevant supporting details

makes ample use of text and/or secondary sources to support points
The support used (the football game) is a good one, but you need to do more than just summarize the events – explain why exactly this game made you believe in the power of football. Do not let your examples/quotes speak for themselves.


Voice & Tone


Tone (including level of diction) is appropriate to subject

Writer�s voice is present throughout

Awareness of audience is apparent

The tone is a tad too informal at times.

MLA Style


Correct use of quotations

Sufficient and correct notation of sources according to MLA guidelines