Enterprise Architecture Application

1. Introduction
Does the introduction explain clearly and succintly the business problem to be solved? Fully ok, but see important question in the text!
2. Exposure of the idea
2.1 Does the author explain clearly and in a language appropriate for a management
audience what ‘X’ is (X= Process Improvement / Information Architecture / SOA/…)?
To some extent
ok as a start, but you must expand on what you have
learnt about process improvement, and refer to the
practices we discussed in class. This assignment doe
snot show that you have learnt in class.
2.2 Is there a clear explanation of how ‘X’ is expected to solve the business problem? Fully
Is the content up-to-date? To some extent relate to notable process impriovement practices (kaizen,
six sigma)
3. Effect on the Enterprise
3.1 Why: Does the author describe a strategic motivation (objective) that companies
would want to achieve using ‘X’ Fully
3.2 Where / What Does the author describe in which part of the organisation this change
would have to be applied and what would change? (business and solution) Fully
4. Implementing the change
4.1 When: Does the author describe under what circumstances this approach would be
suitable? Fully
4.2 Who: Does the author describe who would be responsible for initiating the necessary
change? To some extent
4.3 How Does the author describe the change could be approached organisationally? Fully
5. Conclusion
Have relevant issues from the body of white paper been accurately summarised? Fully
Cover Sheet To some extent
Layout and Format Fully
Referencing for all written material should follow one of the accepted referencing
standards (use APA6 or AGPS Harvard system of bibliographic referencing) Fully
Referenced material is relevant Mostly include references to kaizen and six sigma so that the
reader knows you considered various existing methods
Does the author Quote a definition from a source, and explain in more detail in his/her
own words? Fully
Does the author follow the rule that long text (>10% of your assignment) copied from the
Internet is not acceptable even if qouted? Fully
Novelty of Thinking and Intellectual Ability in Expressing Ideas