What’s a Gaffer Do

What’s a Gaffer Do
What’s a Gaffer Do? We all know what actors and directors and writers do, but for every one of them, there are dozens, maybe hundreds of other folks working hard to create that media product, capture your attention, and wedge it into your experience.
THE ASSIGNMENT: Choose your favorite medium from Television, Cable, Film, Music, Print (newspapers and/or magazines), Books, or Internet. Find Three (3) professions you didn’t already know about within your chosen medium and learn about them for this assignment. You’ll identify the medium you chose, and for each of profession, answer the following questions:

1. What is the job title you discovered?

2. What do people with that title do? What stage in the process do they do it? (Development? Preproduction? Production? Post Production? Distribution? Publicity/Marketing? Etc.)

3. If possible, identify what “department” they work within (for example, Camera Department, Art Department, Editing, Research, Promotions, etc.)

4. Why did you choose this particular profession to learn about?

5. How do people get started within this profession? What’s a typical education/career-path?

6. Are there any guilds or unions for this profession? If so, which one(s)? Do they offer any internships or entry level mentoring programs? (You can discover this information on the website of the guild or union, if there is one.)

7. Why is this profession important to the medium?


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