Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the industry in relation to its customers


Understanding the roles and responsibilities of the industry in relation to its customers

2. Examine the role of customer care within the hospitality industry
3. Apply the legislation to the provision of accommodation
4. Demonstrate an understanding of the role of technology within the hospitality industry

You should arrange to visit an establishment of your choice (not where you have ever worked) to observe the systems and procedures in operation in the administration and accommodation departments. If possible a period of work shadowing of an employee would be extremely beneficial. Interviews with members of staff may be carried out and used as part of your appendices if agreed with the establishment concerned.

You will prepare a report based on your observation and you should consider how the theory of hotel operations translates into current industry practice by fully referencing your report with current academic literature.
Format and criteria for the report:

• Introduction – How the observer gained initial consent, permission and co-operation throughout to achieve this task and if the ‘Hawthorn effect’ was observed. Details of the hotel, number of bedrooms, details of facilities, bars, restaurant, conference and banqueting, market segment etc. Details of the information gathering process, supported by evidence relating to the AA Hotel and restaurant grading system. 10%

• Details of the administrative and accommodation departments, number of staff in each department, organisation structure. Systems used to record reservations, register guests, deal with guests enquires, maintain guest accounts, maintain the accommodation services, safety and security and legal aspects of hotel operations. This section should include information on how technology has impacted on the business. All sections should contain appropriate detailed and referenced application of theory to practices observed during the overt participant observation. 60%

• An evaluation of the personal skills required from employees within the hospitality industry in order to maintain standards of customer care should be included. The 1960’s Douglas McGregor X and Y theories of motivation must be included in this section. 20%

• Ensure that the format of your document is in line with current University guidelines; cover page, contents page, page numbers, referencing, conclusion section and a bibliography. 10%


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