Toulmin Model of An Argument

Topic: toulims module
Review the characteristics of a strong argument, which can be applied to an argument for change in your community or workplace. Look at logical fallacies that you may encounter while conducting research because it is important to recognize when people are making unsound arguments, such as what you may see in newspapers or on the Internet. You will review the Toulmin Model of an argument and identify the various parts of this model such as the claim and rebuttals.
Seminar is an opportunity for you to share ideas, insights, and questions with your peers and instructor. Attending the Seminar allows you to practice what you have learned through the unit’s Learning Activities and Assignments. Seminar is required; therefore, you must either attend the synchronous Seminar or complete the Option 2 alternative Assignment in order to be eligible for credit.
Option 1 : Participate in the scheduled synchronous Seminar, where you will learn about a strong argument and logical fallacies and how to avoid these fallacies. You will also discuss the Toulmin Model of an argument.
Option 2 : Prepare a response and submit it through the unit’s Seminar Dropbox. This option should be composed in Word, written in Standard American English, and you should respond to the prompt below with at least two well-developed paragraphs .
Respond to the following prompt:
After reviewing the archived version of the Seminar, summarize three key points provided by the instructor. How will you use the knowledge you acquired from the Seminar to defend your argument for change in the community or workplace?
Submitting your Assignment:
Put your Assignment in a Word document.