Topic: Applied Microeconomics: Prepare an ANALYTICAL REPORT: Pick a product, a firm, or an industry, then APPLY MICROECONOMICS THEORIES and CONCEPTS (in the list) to explain and analyse the CHALLENGE for CORPORATE STRATEGY

Prepare an Analytical Report: Pick a product, a firm, or an industry, then apply Microeconomics theories and concepts  to explain and analyse the Challenge for corporate strategy relating to that product, business or industry that you pick, and then provide Recommendations for it

The report proposal must be submitted as a Word document then later the report

Word Count: 2,700

1. Choose a topic for your assignment:

a) Pick a product, a firm, or an industry

b) Pick a challenge for corporate strategy relating to that product, business or industry

c) Use appropriate/useful concepts of the list  to address this challenge

2. Report proposal: Prior to the final drafting and submission of the assignment, a proposal MUST be submitted for consideration and feedback. A proposal must consist of:

I. The name of the product, firm or industry

II. The challenge for corporate strategy, which should be phrased as a single question (e.g. How should banks set executive bonuses in the wake of the financial crisis?)

III. Write a commentary (of between 150 and 250 words) on how you intend to leverage the ideas, concepts and analysis listed to analyse the chosen challenge.

3. In order to proceed to the preparation of your assignment, you must first receive approval for your proposal. This initial stage in the process allows us to have some inputs into your selection of a question, and plan for addressing it. Once approved , you can proceed to develop it into the full assignment.

The marking criteria – the report must show:

1) Thorough Research: it may be helpful to imagine that someone  will use your analysis as the basis for investment or business decision.

2) You must apply economic concepts: it is not sufficient to simply vaguely mention concepts/theories without attempting to apply them to your chosen case. If a concept is not relevant don’t try to put it in – the assignment is not about squeezing as many concepts in as possible, it is about demonstrating your ability to think like an economist.

3) An impartial document based upon verifiable data and well justified arguments. Do not hesitate to use numbers, figures, tables or diagrams. If you use a firm’s website to find out information,but not as the sole source, please do not cut and paste company sound bites into your assignment