The Photographic Vision – Techniques

The Photographic Vision – Techniques
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Understanding and applying the controls available on the camera is one of the ‘secrets’ to effective picture making. For this essay, you will use what you know about the camera to reveal the ‘secrets’ of several photographs that you find. This essay assignment has two parts:

First, select examples of photographs (scanned from a print source or refer to a website) that exemplify shallow depth of field, greater depth of field, stop motion, blurred motion, and panning. (MUST INCLUDE IMAGES IN THE ESSAY)

Next, analyze the images and suggest ways in which the effects were achieved. Did the photographer use fast or slow film (ISO)? Was a fast or slow shutter speed used? Was the lens opening large or small (f-stop setting)? How did the position of the photographer effect the final image? Describe the technical challenges faced by the photographer to achieve the shot.
For all essays in this course:

Cite any sources you use for your essay and include a list of works cited in either a MLA or APA format.
Please include images, and remember to provide proper citations for each.
Proofread your essay for grammatical and spelling errors.


Mastering Panning: Photographing Moving Subjects (Step-by-Step Guide)

As well as files that are added from textbook and one more source of choice.

So three sources to use for citing:

Website link indicated above
London textbook (chapters 1 & 2)… front cover of textbook uploaded in files for citing purposes
One of choice …. and images used for essay are to be included within the essay to fully answer all the questions.