The analysis of an organisational situation from the movie “The Internship” which directed by Shawn Levy (2013)

You are required to undertake a case study analysis in the organisational analytic area. The work will comprise the analysis of an organizational situation from the movie “The Internship” which directed by Shawn Levy (2013)

The purpose of the analysis is to provide you with an opportunity to apply some of the ideas and concepts in Human Resources and Organisational development discussed in the literature and/or in class in making a diagnostic analysis of the chosen organisational situation. This means:

(i) Describing the movie. Enough to orientate the reader; not so much as to bore him or her with excessive (and non mark-earning) detail.

(ii) Examining the movie, scene by scene, with the aid of suitable concepts, models, perspectives or theories from the literature, and showing what insights are gained thereby.

(iii) Explaining the past and/or present and/or future course of events on the basis of your analysis. In other words, showing what has been gained by it. Has it enabled you to go beyond the obvious? Are there indications of further directions for investigation, perhaps beyond the scope of your analysis?

(iv) Making modest suggestions/recommendations for action. This is more optional than the other elements. Some case studies lend themselves to recommendations others more the dissection of a problem and its conceptualisation.

(v) Giving your work a title. What has it all been about? Your title should tell us.
** I have attached the theories that related to the themes of the movie, please apply with each scene properly.