strategic analysis

strategic analysis

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Mini-case for Questions 1, 2 and 3 ? MidCastle United

MidCastle United is a football (soccer) team in the Second Division of the UK football league. In footballing terms it has been doing relatively well (normally in the top-third of the table, but never quite good enough to gain promotion to the First Division, with all the benefits of significant TV income and increased revenues from playing more established and bigger teams). The manager Gerry Goodman is popular with the fans, having been an ex-player with the club who has progressed into management and done well in developing the team.

Unfortunately in financial terms it is doing less well. Money from attendance has been falling as the number of people going to the ground for matches has been falling from an average 6,000 two years ago to 4,000 today. In an effort to recover the financial position, average ticket prices were raised from ?40 per match two years ago to ?60 per match now (but that was seen as accelerating the decline in attendance). Most of the fans are working-class men who live and work relatively close to the midlands based town. The club have also raised the price of the merchandise (team shirts, scarfs etc.) by a similar 50% over the same two year period

Recently the club has been bought by local businessman Eddie Entrepreneur for ?30 million. The key strategic issues as seen by Eddie are:
a) How to increase attendance at matches?
b) How to improve revenues and profitability?
c) How to get into the First Division?

The Board has been asked by Eddie to consider various strategic options for the club
1) Sell the top 3 players for the club, in an effort to get ?15 million of transfer fees
2) Re-locate the ground to an out of town location, where the new ground can be bigger (holding more fans) but harder to get to for the majority of existing fans
3) Raise merchandise prices by another 25% in an effort to get more revenue
4) Replace the manager with a more experienced manager from the First division
5) Invest in better players (by buying from First Division clubs)

GUIDELINES TO STUDENTS Answer BOTH questions in this section


Explain who you think are the key 5 stakeholders with regards to MidCastle United, critically explaining why you believe them to be the most important ones. Explain how each stakeholder group will view each of the 5 options above? (30 marks)

Conduct a Suitability, Feasibility, Acceptability analysis of the issues and options presented to the MidCastle board, critically explaining your rationale for the numbers you suggest. (30 marks)

An investor is investing in the UK supermarket sector, but before she does, she wants to understand more about the competitive environment of the sector.

She has therefore asked you to conduct a Porters Five Forces analysis of the UK supermarket sector, critically explaining your reasoning for the strength of each force, and whether as a result the sector is likely to be attractive and profitable from an investment perspective.
(40 marks)

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