separating fiscal and monetary union

In about 10 pages written in apa style evaluate the story that the european monteary union is not an opitumum currency area. very good papaers must include trade imblance ( deficits), asymmetric shocks, labor immoblity, exchange rate policy, fiscal and monetary policis, and moral hazard.

look up thes topics these topics: Warburtons’s ” the limits of Monteray treaty” ( world economics,13 (2), april-june2012,

dixon’s ( can Europe divided house stand? separating fiscal and monetary union ( foregin affairs 90 (1),2012
sapir’s “european integration at the crossroads…”( journal of ecnomic literature XLIX,4,2011)
Krugman- end this depression now! 2012
Mundell’s- A theory of optimum currency area ( american ecominic review, 51(4), 1961.

by the way i have a book we have been using in class i will give you the isbn number just case you need to look up some info it is ISBN978-0-521-17710-8

also i dont know if anyone wants to read krugman book since this is a last min. paper. its up to you. i dont expect much just enoough information so i can pass this class.

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