Religion and Theology

Religion and Theology

From the Book of Job in the Bible:

Discuss traditional Jewish wisdom. Among many other aspects of this theme, you should include AT LEAST the following:

-How is traditional Jewish wisdom understood in the book of Job? Naturally, you will not find an explicit definition, but you can identify the meaning of this concept in the book of Job.

-Who represents traditional Jewish wisdom in the book of Job?

-What elements of the story challenge traditional Jewish wisdom?

-Does the book offer a clear position on traditional Jewish wisdom?

-The Gospel according to Matthew sometimes upholds and sometimes challenges traditional Jewish wisdom.
Give one example for each case.

-What is your position on traditional Jewish wisdom?

Remember that your essay should have an introduction, arguments, and conclusion. It should also be typed using a standard 12-point font, double-spaced, and should not exceed 2 (two)Full pages "don’t begin from the middle by writing the course and your name etc!". Moreover, this is your chance to show your analytical skills and creativity. Please PRINT IT OUT and hand it in with your exam on Monday.


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