Protein Biotechnology

Protein Biotechnology
1: Chose from the following genetic components to design a vector for each of the following two applications (3pt):
pUC ori, pBR322 ori, SV40 ori, pSV40 promoter, pCMV promoter, f1 origin, ampr, kanr, Multiple cloning sites, gene X,
neor, T7 promoter, 6xHis, Lac O, ColE1 ori, M13 ori
A: Design a vector (draw a diagram) for the overexpression of protein X in E.coli
B: Design a vector (draw a diagram) for expression of protein X in eukaryotic cells.
C: Indicate the function of each of the genetic components you used in a) and b) above.
2: Indicate two methods for introducing genetic material into plant cells (1pt).
3: Provide examples of a positive selection method and a negative selection method used in genetic engineering.
Explain (1pt).
4: Use a diagram to illustrate how monoclonal antibodies are produced (2pt)
5: Homologous recombination is used as a technique in molecular biology for introducing genetic changes into target
organisms. Homologous recombination is critical in making transgenic animals, gene knock out organisms, and even gene
therapy. Use a diagram and some words to illustrate the process by which a vector carrying a human gene X can
integrate the gene to an animal such as a goat (3pt).
6: Antibody is the soluble portion of
A: T-cell receptor
B: B-Cell receptor