mental health ,LIFE SPAN

mental health , well being and conciousness , LIFE SPAN , PROFESSIONAL PRACTICE
THIS ORDER INCLUDES 4 INDIVIDUAL ESSAYS . The topic is PSYCHOLOGY and the modules are different. All information for each essay has been provided CLEARLY below.
ESSAY 1 TITLE : Describe and critically evaluate the psychiatric approach to mental illness. (2000 words) Must include 20 references , and also include theorists ; Foucault (1961) Madness and Civilisation, Szasz (1972) The ���myth’ of mental illness, Rosenham (1973) On being sane in insane places and Goffman (1961) Asylums and Scheff (1984) Labelling theory. Other 16 theorists to be added by writer. (POWERPOINT SLIDES WILL BE SENT AS ADDITIONAL RESOURCES)
ESSAY 2: (title needs to be produced based on the essay you write. I have chosen TRAUMA as the topic so maybe you can write an essay about young children having to deal with the lose of parent/s. THIS CAN BE DISCUSSED FURTHER VIA EMAIL OR PHONE!
The essay should show clear evidence of a full literature review that compares and contrasts theoretical and empirical evidence pertinent to LIFESPAN TOPIC (TRAUMA) and contrast at least two theoretical understandings of the topic and critically evaluate how the theories and research underpinning them have contributed to their understanding of that topic.
1. A clear topic related to one of the lifespan TRAUMA presented lesson (specified powerpoint will be attached) articulated in a meaningful working title
2. A clear focus within the topic identified – i.e. not just ���trauma’ but ���recovery from single incident trauma’ or some other specific aspect
3. Two clearly identified lifespan developmental frameworks presented broadly in relation to the topic area chosen