Luxury fashion in china

Luxury fashion in china

“The country of origin is an important cue that consumers utilize when they purchase luxury goods. How can luxury fashion brands from countries with no heritage in luxury fashion overcome such obstacle?”

The question can be broken down in two parts.

The first part describes the notion of ‘country of origin’, that is where luxury goods are manufactured. Consumers use the country of origin (e.g. made in France) as a cue (or shortcut) when they buy luxury goods. They trust the goods manufactured in those countries because of their long heritage in luxury goods production.

In the second part, you should provide some strategic solutions to the challenges that fashion brands coming from countries with no heritage (or tradition) in producing luxury goods face in the global marketplace. To put it plainly, how can an aspiring Chinese, Indian or Brazilian luxury fashion brand convince global consumers to purchase their products? How can they overcome the limitation of the country of origin?

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