Industrial Realtions

Industrial Realtions
this assignment is based in Australia so all examples and analysis should be in Australian terms. all references after year 2000 please.

this is a major essay graded by a professor with very high expectations. and this is my last subject o the semester.

please do not go off topic, this needs great details, comparison with other organisations etc. the writer has to analytically and innovative in his/her writing and use top quality academic references to back up the theories used.
if you have any questions please ask me. you can choose between 1 of 5 questions, so please choose the one you can write best and more in depth about. take your time with the assignment because this is really a life and death assignment.

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the questions are bellow:

1. The Fair Work Act represents a dramatic shift away from Work Choices – or does it? Discuss

2. Explain the unfair dismissal provisions of the Fair Work Act – including the adverse action sections – and explain what HR practices managers should implement to avoid such claims aganst them.

3. It has been claimed by many that centralised IR results in inflexibility and, therefore, lower productivity, at the level of the individual work site. Explain the pro’s and con’s of this contention.
4. Explore the various overt and covert manifestations of employee dissatisfaction at work and explain what HR practitioners can do to both minimise their occurrence and address them when they do occur.

5. Discuss the following: ‘HR/IR…different terms for the same thing???’