This is a critical analysis essay of Forensic Science Subject.
I chose criminology subject because there is no “forensic science” option in the subject area.

The essay should be written in third person view.

The critical analysis essay should address the following:
– critical assessment of the topic.
– explore associated benefits and limitations of the techniques employed.
– research past case examples and suggest further applications
– discuss the impact on other areas of forensic science.

The critical analysis essay should include:
– abstract
– introduction
– body
– discussion (use first person reference)
– conclusion

In the abstract part: its a summary and overview. (6 lines length)
In the introduction part: setting a scene and provide background information about the subject and what you tend to discuss + why do you think the topic is important.
In the body part: factual bit + what you found out about the subject + case examples+any data+any more research.
In the discussion part: this is the analysis part + limitation to subject area + future application + benefits of the area+ own opinion about the subject+ how will it help solve crimes+ what are perceptions within criminal justice system+what research is required for the subject to move on to evidential techniques and how are they validated.
In the conclusion part: assess all opinions + what do you think + state reasons for your opinions.

note: please don’t mix facts and discussion.

If you don’t know what is critical analysis essay? consider the following:
*Comparison? – compare & contrast
*What are the limitations of…?
*What are the future applications of…?

references: please use journals, newletter articles, books, and case examples