Critical Analysis of Dorothea Orem Conceptual Model

(5)Critical Analysis of Dorothea Orem Conceptual Model
Critique and analyze and write two- parts paper. Paper should include: 1. Identify the purpose of Orem conceptual model or theory. 2.Describe the conceptual model , including major concepts, major assumptions, and definition of metaparadigm concepts. 3. Illustrate the conceptual model using a schematic model or diagram. 4. Evaluate the congruence of the conceptual model/theory with current nursing standards, interventions or therapeutics. 5. Discuss evidence of empirical testing/research support/validity of the conceptual model. 6. Describe the contributions of the conceptual model/theory of the nursing discipline. 7. Analyze the usefulness of the conceptual model in providing direction for future nursing practice. * Please call me, I have additional instructions to give you.