Consider managerial issues using management system analysis

Choose a substantial, interesting environmental planning or environmental management decision and analyse it from three perspectives: technically, managerially and politically. Develop recommenndations that make sense when all three are born in mind.

-consider socio-ecological dynamics from a systems analysis perspective.
-Consider managerial issues using management system analysis
-Consider political issues using stakeholder analysis.
-Approach design of recommendations creatively

Some examples of substantial decisions are:
.a major development proposal, e.g a uranium mining proposal, or a desalination plant proposal;
. a major land use plan, e.g a local Environmental Plan, a biodiversity conservation strategy, a metropolitan strategy, a coastline management plan;
. a major natural resource management plan, e.g. a strategic plan for the Murray Darling Basin, a strategi plan for the Great Barrier Reef, a fisheries management plan;
. a risk management strategy for a major issue, e.g management of risk of fire in rural Victoria;
. development of policy for a sector, e.g a metropolitan transport strategy , or a renewable energy strategy