Company analysis

Students should write a 2,500 word report, which focuses on the marketing process in the company which they had chosen for their presentation. It should explain the marketing process through its application by the selected company. This should include the
marketing environment,
market research,
consumer behaviour,
Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning,
the 4 P’s,
Integrated Marketing Communication (Focusing on digital marketing)
branding and digital marketing.
The report must be thoroughly researched and provide examples from the company which demonstrate the marketing process. The report should:

• Be written, organized and laid out in an appropriate business report-like structure and format.
• Be fully referenced.
• Apply material from the text book and lectures.
• Use at least six academic articles.
• Use marketing models, theory and examples throughout.
• Be analytical.
• Thoroughly research the company using numerous resources including Mintel and other data bases.

Throughout the report is fundamental that marketing terms are used, with application of theory and material taught in class and from the textbook. Students who state, for example, that place refers to where companies sell products and promotion is providing offers to customers will receive zero. All marketing terms and concepts should be fully explained and demonstrated. There is no need to provide a SWOT analysis.