analyze their personality from a psychoanalytic OR neo-analytic approach

Select a famous individual who has a well-known personality, at least as presented in the media. BRIEFLY analyze their personality from a psychoanalytic OR neo-analytic approach, and explain why you chose that perspective. Discuss specific examples of their behavior as presented in the media to support your analysis.

Please apply the above instructions in replying to the below students statement

The famous individual I selected for additional study is Mel Gibson. There have been well documented outbursts, rants, and occasionally violent episodes. Mel Gibson is a self-diagnosed manic-depressive; however the media portrays a narcissistic personality. The perspective I chose to analyze his behavior is psychoanalytical. I largely chose this approach due to its use of subconscious, and unconscious urges to explain behavior and personality. Gibson was likely experiencing an overpowering id, a poorly functioning ego, and malformed superego. The id is often attributed to animalistic desires, and “strives solely to satisfy [the id’s] desires…” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012, p.64). The clearest example of his irrationality, aggressiveness, and obtuse sexual desires are the recordings of his interaction with his ex-wife Oksana Grigorieva. He is recorded screaming at her, telling her what a terrible person she is, threatening to set fire to their house, and demanding fellatio multiple times. He may have likely had issues during the phallic stage of development and is now obsessed with his genitals and his own pleasure. Whether his mother supported him or rejected him in this stage is not clearly known, but Gibson displays behaviors from both extremes. He thinks very highly of himself and nobody’s love can seemingly compare to his mother’s and he also presents himself with a macho air, mistreating women. (Boeree, 2009). Being raised in a religious family, and attending an all-boys Catholic school in Australia, where he was reportedly ostracized and bullied may have greatly impacted his ego and superego development. This may have also affected his stance toward religion, but has more so bolstered his beliefs than reduced them. Gibson was fervent about his involvement in the film Passion of the Christ, and was quoted making anti-Semitic comments on several occasions. It is quite clear that Gibson has an intense, sexually driven id and an ego that often falters in keeping his reality in check.