Analyze the situation using the FOCUS and PDCA models


A. Analyze the situation using the FOCUS and PDCA models by doing the following:

1. Use the FOCUS model to identify possible causes of the staff’s problem.

a. Find a Process to Improve (What needs to be improved based on the incident in the scenario?)

b. Organize a Team That Knows the Process (Who is the leader, the facilitator, the recorder, the time keeper, team member? Do you need all these people? Do you need others?)

c. Clarify Current Knowledge of the Process (What is being done now that might have added to or allowed the incident?)

d. Understand Causes of Process Variation (Use cause-effect diagrams, concept maps or other diagrams to show how you would understand the cause)

e. Select the Process Improvement (What would you do to improve the situation so that you decrease the risk of it occurring again?)


2. Develop an improvement plan that will ensure appropriate response times and appropriate clinical interventions in this situation, using a modified version of the PDCA model (PDC).

riodically review the change to ensure that it is successful.

B. Write a unit protocol containing at least five directives for staff to follow in case of a behavioral emergency in a non-psychiatric setting.