Analyze the forensic challenges regarding webmail that are stored

Identify the role you believe mobile devices have on email investigations. Discuss and provide an example of the added challenges that have been introduced based on the advancement of mobile device technologies.
• From the first e-Activity, thoroughly describe the mobile device forensics tool you researched, including its functions, advantages / disadvantages, and cost. Explain why you would consider utilizing this tool as a system forensics specialist, and provide a scenario where this tool would assist you in an email investigation.

• Analyze the forensic challenges regarding webmail that are stored in “the cloud” and determine whether or not you believe webmail is easier to analyze than standard client-server email solutions forensic specialists. Determine the legal concerns that may exist when attempting to investigate webmail and why these challenges are of concern. Provide a rationale with your response.
• From the second e-Activity, discuss the forensic concerns regarding Apple’s iCloud and how Apple has designed this application to assist in investigations, including email investigations. Determine whether or not you believe end users of iCloud should have concern with the encryption methods and explain in detail why you believe this way.


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