Analysis of the integrated marketing communications mix strategies of your chosen FMCG brand

The reference material used to refer to the company (market review) should be recent (2-3 years or less) and not old. Other literature used can be from any year. Imagine that you have been appointed as the international strategic brand manager for an FMCG (fast moving consumer goods) company of your choice. Your company have assigned you to analyse and assess their integrated marketing communications (IMC) mix strategies for the UK market and recommend future actions.

The report has to cover the following areas:

Literature review: You are expected to conduct an extensive review of marketing communications literature with a particular focus on how segmentation, positioning and branding strategies can facilitate the design and implementation of integrated marketing communications mix.

Market environment review: Provide a brief review of the UK market of your chosen product/brand. Identify the key competitors, market trends and relevant environmental factors that may have significant influence on your strategic decisions.
Company strategies: You are now required to analyse the IMC strategies of your chosen organisation in light of the theories and research findings discussed in the literature review and address the following issues:

1. Target audience: Analyse the target segments in terms of the behaviour, attitude and lifestyle.
2. Brand positioning: identify and discuss the choice of brand/concept which is being promoted with reference to competitive positioning and differential appeal.
3. Media selection and communication mix management: Identify and assess the media and IMC tools used by your chosen organisation.

Your own recommendations: You have to explain how your chosen organisation can make their IMC strategies more effective and competitive.