All The Shan’s Men

All The Shan’s Men

1. read the book “OverThrow”-America’s Centurary of Regime Change From Hawaii To Iraq Author:Stephen Kinzer (Author Of All The Shan’s Men), and you MUST use some of the sources from this book.
(PLEASE: When you finish the esaay, please let me know which sentence is from which sources. You can highlight or use some symbol to let me know in the essay, then i can easy to read.)

Here is the link of the book:
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2. You Must use Chicago style to do this essay.

3. Help me to write the essay topic. Thank you

The topic
FDR’s response to the Great Depression was called the New Deal. What
did this mean and how was it a shift away from traditional American
politics. Explain the major programs in detail. Did they end the
Depression? Why or why not? How did the New Deal affect women and
minorities? What is the legacy of the New Deal today, especially in the
current debate about the economic recession? What were some of FDR’s
biggest problems with what were known as the first and second New Deals?
Then discuss the New Deal in historical context (Populism,
Progressivism). Was it really New or a Deal? Be specific. What of the
critics of the New Deal right and left? Which do you find having more
credibility and why? Or, do you think FDR was correct in his approach?
Many on the left thought FDR should be more socialist. The right thought
he should be more a corporatist and fascist-like Italy and Germany. But,
it was the right that tried to do something about it. What do you make
of where several prominent businessmen conspired to overthrow FDR and
install a fascist government in the U.S.? With all this focus on the
domestic sphere, what was the major foreign policy focus of the US in
the ’30s anyway?

[There is much more available on this issue and it has been a matter of
public record for some time now. This issue was also included in Joel
Bakan’s “The Corporation” made into a film. This film and many others are occasionally
available at but the site is sometimes down.]

See below for more…

And a brief film on the FDR overthrow topic


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