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Research Based Argument Essay

Assignment Description: This essay will put forth an argument on a topic of your choice that you support with research. The specific number of paragraphs is not important as long as the essay meets the length requirement and includes the key features listed in Writing for Success: Argument. This essay allows for limited first person pronouns. A minimum of three sources from JTCC library databases are required.

In choosing your topic, you will want to be very careful. Make sure that it can be debated and that more than one point of view exists about it; is manageable in its scope (can be covered in some depth in a short essay); concerns something that you have some knowledge about and experience with and does not require you to do extensive research for background and material; and interests you, something that you believe to be important.

Overall, your Research Based Argument essay should—

present a focused and debatable thesis that is clearly stated;

support and develop thesis with strong reasons and evidence;

deliver a coherent argument with an effective organization strategy and transitions;

address at least one counterargument; and

effectively integrate material obtained through at least three outside sources from JTCC library databases.

The purpose of this assignment is threefold: to familiarize you with using JTCC library databases to identify and document source material; to integrate credible outside source material in your own writing; to demonstrate your ability to support and develop a claim in a readable manuscript appropriate for a post-secondary academic community.

A note about research requirements

You are required to use a minimum of three sources from JTCC library databases. JTCC library databases are accessible from home via the Internet.

The library databases you are encouraged to use include Academic Search Complete and QuickSearch. You are encouraged to use these databases because they are great resources for accessing free, credible, and useful information online. Also, course instruction for documenting sources according to MLA guidelines will focus on these databases. No Wikipedia, standard encyclopedia, or dictionary entries are allowed as part of your three sources.

Length: 1500 words minimum

Format requirements:

File type must be .doc, or .docx

MLA guidelines must be followed (including font, page layout, headings, spacing, and citation)

Use a title that does not include the name of or description of the assignment, or the name of the text being analyzed, but rather offers something – an additional perspective on or point of interest in the essay itself.

My professor had the following to say to me once he approved the essay topic choice:

There is the biological side and sociological, both have been studied. You have to make sure you are clear on which society in research and your thesis. You can compare American society to others, but you will have to be clear if American society is the focus. It also has one of the greater disparities between bio and sociological.