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Topic: Comprehensive Examination

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Pedagogy & Learning – Emphasis in ELED
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Individualized and differentiated instruction is foundational to planning, implementation, and assessment of learning in the modern elementary classroom. Roles and responsibilities of teachers are evolving as schools re-visit curricula, policies, assessment strategies, and views toward diverse populations. Use these principles as guides in responding to the comprehensive examination questions below.
Read the following items carefully and be certain that each part of the question is included in your answer. Identify key ideas and develop well organized, documented responses to the items you choose. Use a variety of theorists and/or researchers who are relevant to support your assertions. EACH QUESTION MUST HAVE THREE DIFERENT RESEARCHERS AND OR THEORIST. Use APA formatting.

1) Provide a detailed description and rationale for differentiated instruction in context of this period of intense educational reform. Provide an overview of what differentiated instruction “looks” like and “sounds” like in a classroom setting. How should differentiate instruction relate to your graduate-level elementary emphasis? Cite at least three (3) theorists and/or researchers who prescribe differentiated instruction as the vehicle for student achievement.

2) Objectives, instruction, and assessment should be closely aligned in order to insure student understanding. Based on the emphasis of high stakes testing in today’s schools, provide and in-depth summary of the status of teaching in elementary schools. Consider policies, professional development, and changes in curricula that support or impede the relationship among curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Include a section of your paper that relates directly to your elementary emphasis coursework. Use at least three (3) researchers to support any assertions.

3) Teachers play many roles – decision maker, role model, curriculum specialist, instructional leader…among others. Based on coursework in your elementary emphasis and other graduate work, reflect on the changing role of teachers and describe in detail how teachers must adapt in order to meet the needs of schools and their clientele. Include at least three (3) citations to support personal stories and assertions.