Accountability and Transition

Topic: Accountability and Transition into Practice in nursing Order Description It should be reflective essay about accountability, transition student nurse to registered nurse. the accountability, essay, need to be in the context of the scenario, need to explore accountability in relation to this and not in general terms. Need to clarify what the difference in accountability between a student nurse and register nurse is. The aim of this module is to prepare the student for transition from student nurse to accountable register practitioner A comprehensive analysis of the concept of accountability from a range of perspectives eg. professional, legal, ethical, moral social and as an employee will be undertaken and the students facilitated to explore this from a personal perspective. The meaning of competence in professional practice in relation to the newly registered practitioner will be examined. Expectations of the newly registered nurse from the perspective of self and others will be explored. This will include expectations of the first position as registered practitioner and addressing the quality of care, maintaining standards of professional practice and the individual’s role in sustaining these. e.