Sustainability Marketing

Sustainability Marketing
Please answer the following questions in a short paragraphs format:

Q1- Use the Definition of “Sustainability Marketing” to describe how it differs from consumer based marketing

Q2- With respect to the “Dual Roles” of Sustainability Marketing; List 3 goals or desired outcomes for each of the 2 very different roles

Q3- Create a “Sustainability Marketing Mission” for McDonalds

Q4- Wright State University is a leading institution in having a focus and commitment to sustainability. Identify 5 key stakeholders that they must address in its sustainability efforts and identify 1 unique benefit that they should provide to each stakeholder

Q5-“Creating Value is one of three pillars that create the “Fundamentals of Responsible Business”

Describe the 3 areas of “Values” companies should create and give an example for each that fits “American Eagle”

Q6- Macro-Environmental Factors influence the sustainability plans and success for global companies.

Describe in a few paragraphs, how influences of the “Natural Environment” could impact “Starbucks” in terms of its sustainability efforts.

Q7-Explain the concept of “Bio-Diversity” as it applies to global sustainability concerns.

Can you list {bullets} 3 opportunities for developing products or services that can address this area?

Q8- Start with the LOHAS sustainability customer segment and list 4 different segments that a company producing solar based appliances would need to capture to be successful. For each segment identify one key marketing action or success factor to help capture the segment.

Q9- Identify the 3 different categories of “Dematerialization and give a concrete example of what companies can do in each category.