English class: compare and contrast essay, 500 words

compare and contrast essay, 500 words 

Instructions: The essay will compare and contrast three people in HL: Rebecca Skloot, Henrietta, and one of the doctors/scientists, noting the similarities and differences between a set of two or more characters.

Write a short introduction and thesis statement (We have not discussed introductions yet, so just do the best you can with it). Strategies for drafting an introduction, pages 28–30 (1e);Where in The Bedford Handbook will you find advice about drafting a thesis statement? Pages 19–25 (1c)

*Write three body paragraphs: one about each person. Be sure each paragraph has a topic sentence and is about 5-6 sentences long. Be sure to use examples from the book to support your topic sentences. See Thesis statements and quote integration for instructions about how to prepare a thesis statement and to cite quotes in MLA format. Use the MLA formatted Word document located under Start Here. WARNING: Do not use online citation generators for MLA format. The generators are often incorrect.