MI Theory

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submit an original essay about MI Theory (every essay should have at least as many paragraphs as questions or items required in the assignment PLUS the intro and conclusion). The essay below, then, must have at least 6 paragraphs.
Educational scholar Howard Gardner asserts that, instead of the traditional measure of intelligence through IQ, people have multiple intelligences. He has written the Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI theory, as it has come to be called), which makes two strong claims. The first claim is that all human beings possess all of these intelligences: indeed, they can be considered a definition of homo sapiens, cognitively speaking. The second claim is that, just as we all look different and have different personalities and temperaments, we also exhibit different profiles of intelligences. No two individuals, not even identical twins or clones, have exactly the same amalgam of intelligences, foregrounding the same strengths and weaknesses” (1998).

Compose a 4-page exploratory essay (all essays should be in 12 font and double-spaced) in which you engage in written dialogue about:

(1) positive reasons to choose to adopt MI theory as the dominate intelligence theory over IQ,

(2) what intelligences (MI Theory) you believe you possess and what evidence you think demonstrates this,

(3) what MI Theory means for you professionally and personally, and

(4) what IQ Theory means for you professionally and personally.