Criminal Justice

Webtrip 1

“Visit this site.
In this Field Trip you will gain insight into many different criminal justice opportunities. Identify some of the career opportunities available to students graduating with a criminal justice degree.

Short Essay #1.1: Research one of the careers that seem interesting in the Field Trip and write a paragraph containing some relevant information that you would like to share with your classmates. ONLY A FEW SENTENCES

Short Essay #1.2: Describe a story that is currently being sensationalized in the news. Does the story show both sides? Do you think the news media is obligated to present a balanced picture of the overall crime problem and reduce their presentation of sensational crimes?

Web Field Trip 2

Short Essay #2.1 :Look up the absurd laws in your
home state and describe some of these laws.
State of Florida – only a few sentences

This law is like a stupid law that someone could get arrested for

Web Trip 3

Make sure you are familiar with the Bill of Rights.

Short Essay #3.1 :The first ten amendments to the
United States Constitution are called the Bill of Rights.
Summarize each amendment in your own words. You
can type the exact words if you prefer, but make sure
you also summarize them in your own words and
explain your interpretation of each amendment. Explain
whether or not each amendment applies to you.

Webtrip 4

Visit this site learn about Community OrientedPolicing Services (COPS). Through the use of
multimedia, COPS offers dynamic, practical training to
help today’s police officers meet challenges. In this
Field Trip, you will discover a variety of training
programs that assist police departments in
establishing a community policing approach. Go to the
Training tab, and click on the various courses to read
more about these training programs.

Short Essay #4.1 :What is the philosophy of
community policing, and can you think of any methods
to make community policing more effective?

Short Essay #4.2: Use an example from your Field Trip
to describe racial profiling in law enforcement. What
are some methods that can be used to prevent racial

Webtrip 5

Visit this site learn more about the concept of plea
bargaining. Read the article entitled, The Case Against
Plea Bargaining, by Timothy Lynch.

Short Essay #5.1:
What are the advantages and disadvantages of plea
bargaining? Given what you know about the American
court system, do you think justice is served?
Read this article
review the stages of a jury trial by
reading the U.S. Department of State’s informational
article about the American jury system.

Short Essay: #5.2:
List and explain the stages during a criminal jury trial
Few sentences

Web Trip 6

Visit the Philosophies of Punishment site,
where youwill find a resource for assisting you in understanding
the main philosophies of sentencing.

Short Essay #6.1 :What do you think some of the most
important issues are to consider when sentencing a
convicted criminal? How do the philosophical
rationales influence the judge’s sentencing?
Visit the Innocence Project site
In this Field Trip, youwill explore the non-profit legal organization that, in
collaboration with lawyers and law school students,
works to exonerate wrongfully convicted individuals
using DNA.
Short Essay #6.2: Please choose one Innocence
Project case/profile from Florida’s jurisdiction. You can
find a profile by visiting the link in the top left corner of
the page labeled “Know the Cases.” Tap on “Search
Profiles.” There you can search cases by entering
Florida as your jurisdiction. Once you have selected
any of the cases listed within, please discuss the facts,
original conviction, exoneration details, and
subsequent impact on Florida law, if any.