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What are the social work intervention on domestic violence on African American women? ( please include source)

What are the social work intervention on domestic violence on African American women? ( please include source)

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U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

List two problems both these islands have in common. U.S. Virgin Islands and Hawaii.

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Personal Statement for UK U write Personal Statement for UK university. My course that I am going to apply to is Business and management

47 lines are maximum (4000 characters), so please make sure that personal statement does not exceed this word count. It should also include 70~75 % for academic 25~30 % for experience.

From a young age, I saw plenty of businessmen on the train who were wearing suits, holding their bags in one hand, and sometimes making a phone call to someone about the projects that they were coordinating. Some people like Mark Zuckerberg have achieved successful outcomes, maintaining such high standard of living. Presumably, I felt that men such as businessmen, lawyers, and entrepreneurs were more rational and stimulating than any other professionals: firemen, footballers, astronauts, and police officers whom people dreamed of as a child. Their eyes sparkling with wit had a great impact on my interest in aspiring to be part of a business world.

If not acceptable or inappropriate, I do not need this introduction.

For content, I am Japanese who experienced the great earthquake in Fukushima, my hometown, about four years ago, so I would like to include this incident connected to the business: how firms tried to work for reconstruction, how business evolved from this incident, and how business helped.

Information for the earthquake:
My hometown, Fukushima, was contaminated by radioactivity; it is now called “ghost town”, where no one cannot live. The earthquake including disaster such “Tsunami” inflicted devastating damage on Fukushima, causing the loss of physical distribution base at large coastal areas and manufacturing facilities that largely handled the production of goods in Fukushima. A multitude of firms, soon after the earthquake, engaged in Reconstruction assistance. (example — contribution to donation by firms, commodity procurement, supply of food, medicine, increase in job creation in local place that suffered from disaster). This incident was to be an opportunity for me to enrich my understanding of social value. It is undisputable fact that the firm should seek for its profit for developing our society. However, the attitude of business community can show the different aspect of providing goods and services that firms address the social challenge even if it is not expected to economic return.
※ It does not have to be same sentence.

I would like to state social entrepreneurship since it is my interest. While business exists to maximise profit or serve purposes, social business can open up new ways to organise our society, which is what I want to study further in university. This is not only my interest in business but also other things so I would like to gather and integrate my idea from different types of business in order to purse to be part of a business world.

For experience related to the earthquake, last summer, I worked for two weeks in an incorporated non-profit organization, called “United Sports Foundation”. The radioactivity took the lands away from children who were supposed to play outside. Playground is to children what trigger is to their growth to encourage flexibility.This organization helped children have many experiences of playing sports such as football, baseball, volleyball, rugby, and basketball through the camp for children who suffered damages from the earthquake. So many famous players came from all over the world to help children, and I served as one of the group leader who took a care of children so that they would play freely and easily. Each group contains two or three leaders, who are not only Japanese but also international people such as Americans, Canadians, Europeans, and Africans.( connection to the importance of internationality in business)
Making original posters together with children, we hope they would be encouraged themselves to feel pleasure of life in this camp, promoting to provide more children with intrinsically valuable experiences through the long generation. (Investigation to future generation in long term in business)
This is charity work, so we did not make any profits in economic terms while the successful camp provided children with memorable experience. The concept considered at the starting point of creation of social value enabled me to take a thoughtful approach to social firms; How I can combine these charitable activities to social firms to exist in society. Difference between social firms and charitable activities.
How social value inspired children. I enrich my understanding of importance of social value rather than commercial value while I know that economic, commercial value is the most essential element in our society — How we manage to deal with these two sort of opposite values. — connection to economics which I am studying in my school.

A business with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are principally reinvested for that purpose. (This is from wikipedia “social enterprise”)

Social firms aim not at maximising-profit but at social purposes, meaning that they seem to be weak, but this weakness can be complemented once stockholder supports them. Unlike charity and volunteer, social firms exist and compete in market, which is interesting to me.

I am taking Economics in my school, so I would like to connect these ideas to my study experience of economics. I would like to show the ideas related to economics to show my actual academic knowledge in my school.

In addition, I have developed this principle in my charitable activity that helped expand the spectrum of studying social value from point of firm’s view. I also participated in volunteer work in Cambodia where our groups built more than twenty houses for those who struggle with poverty and do not posses their ow houses. Before visiting Cambodia, I and my colleagues (students) collect all money by ourselves that required building houses: Selling food (that we cooked), paintings( that we made), and seeing goods that were imported from Cambodia.
We eventually succeeded in collecting more than £100, and in total, we donated more than £300 which was used for building houses and donation for constructing new big hospitals. Not only experience of building houses in Cambodia but experience of earning money —- be connected to economics terms and how these contribution relate to our society.

Connection to the British government’s attempt: in 2012, David Cameron, the prime minister of United Kingdom, set up a new fund in 2012 for supporting social firms so that investment firms can finance at lower interest rates. — Importance of studying business and management in England. England is the most concerned the aspect of social business, which is believed that they can compete in society and make society better in long term for future generation; therefore, they need big support such as government’s help.

As an international student, I would like to position my statement, message that strengthen the aspect of social value while trying to accomplishing the aspect of commercial value.
Sorry for a long note. I want my personal statement to be very focused on my course, business and management, so please do not follow my note as it is since it is telling sort of fact and does not inspire the readers to be impressed and to understand my point and the importance that I would like to study business and management in university. Please include my two experience: United sports foundation and Cambodia work, and also include the academic area of economics that I am currently taking in my school. I do not have any particular things that I can strongly insist in economics ( I am getting A for economics though) so please state, for example, the concept or idea of economics related to business and management. I wrote much about social business but it is not only area that cover business and management so please do not focus entirely on it, but social business has consolidated and strengthened my direction of pursuing business and management.
Also, this well organised video below explains social business in terms of corporate social responsibility if needed.

Please make sure that personal statement has to be 4000 characters or 47 lines, focusing on academic area in terms of business and management.

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violence in the media

Violence in the Media

tv_violence_2.bmpThe exploration this week concerns the issue of violence in the media; the goal is to heighten your awareness of the current patterns of violence on television. Politicians, journalists, various community groups, and many, many others have been criticizing television producers and the television networks with increasing intensity in recent years concerning the amount and degree of violence depicted. Some counter that there is much more violence on the network news than on fictionalized television programs, suggesting that these television programs simply reflect a very violent society. These discussions and assertions rarely include actual data to support anyone’s claims. This exploration, therefore, emphasizes the role of research in this dialogue, and may provide a reality check against some of the claims and accusations that have garnered a lot of attention.

This week, you will watch 30-minutes of one of the following three types of programs on a major network: a children’s morning or after-school cartoon, a prime-time program, and the network news. Your task is to watch your selected program carefully and code the various acts of aggression and related incidents. While watching the program, code the content for various scenes of physical or verbal aggression or related issues using the following coding system. In the column, keep track of the number of violent incidents and aggressive acts, both physical and verbal, shown in your program.

Acts of Aggression
Television Program

Physical assaults that involve using a weapon or object
Physical assaults that do not involve a weapon or object
Verbal threats of harm
Insults or derogatory remarks
Violent deaths
Accidents in which someone is hurt

Review your findings and calculate the number of the various incidents for each category of program. Post your results.

Are the actual numbers higher or lower than you would have expected?
Compare your results with those of your classmates.
How does the aggression depicted in the type of program you watched compare with the other types of television programming?
What are the implications of your findings?

If your results suggest that there is a great deal of violence on television, this would support the research discussed in the text. If your results suggest the opposite:

Why do you think this finding is discrepant from those often reported? i.e., Is TV in the process of changing?
Was the sample used in this exercise too small or unrepresentative?
Are the reports from groups opposed to TV violence not objective?

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Week 8


You will complete this assignment in Python 3.x. Make sure you have downloaded the software and it is installed correctly.

You will code the following and submit it in one file. Use the information in the Lessons area for this week to assist you. Save it as a python file (.py), and upload it into the Assignments area for the Week 4 Assignment.

1. Create a comment block with the following information:

Your Name

Course Name, Section (example: ENTD200 B002 Spr15)

Instructor name

Week #

Date completed

2. Problem 1: Create an array that contains the days of the week.

3. Problem 2: Create a loop to print the content above.

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Fall questions: Empiricism, Epistemology & Rationalism

Fall Term

General Instructions:
This is an open book, open notes exam. You should use the assigned readings (the Booklet and and The Big Questions) and class meeting content. Material posted on Canvas (Items used in class, sample summaries) is class content, so you may and should make use of it, just as if it were your textbook.
Put your first and last name on the paper (I don’t need your student ID number).Answers must be typed; type your paper double-space. Use normal margins and a simple, normal-size font. Use black or blue ink only. Number your answers so that it is clear what question you are answering!
You do not need to use sources other than course materials. Be accurate, be thoughtful, be specific, be clear, be organized (= take things a step at a time). What you say should show thought.

  1. Short Answer. Answer each of the questions below in a sentence or in a few sentences.
  2. (2 pts) Fill in the blank below with the correct term. Hint: The correct term names a type of statement.

The denial of a      _____fact__________________        always results in a contradiction.


  1. (2 pts) Define: A “Matter of Fact”. Use this term as David Hume or Big Questions uses it. A Matter of Fact is a truth that is supported by empirical evidence.



page 2

  1. (2 pts) Define: Empiricism

Empiricism is knowledge that is based on experience.

  1. (2 pts) Define: Epistemology.

Epistemology is the study of human knowledge, its various forms, as well as origins.  
Hint: Use the glossary in Big Questions or the box on p.7 (Big Questions)

  1. (2 pts) Define: Rationalism

Rationalism is the form of knowledge that relies on intuition and judgment to arrive at a conclusion, independent of experience. 

  1. (2 pts) Define: Innate ideas. Hint: Use the glossary in Big Questions or Ch. 5 (Big Questions).

Innate ideas are the supposed “in born” knowledge with which humans are born, independent of acquisition of knowledge through life experiences.

  1. 7. (4 points) Question 2-f on the exercise sheet about the game of Eleusis shows you a string of cards and asks you to propose a Secret Rule that fits it
           Question 2-f is meant to show a lesson about, or a feature of, the game. What is that lesson? The lesson is on inductive reasoning
    Hint: This is often a pitfall for the players.
          b.  What other activity ( = an activity other than this game) does the worksheet compare is the game of Eleusis to?  Hint: The lesson in (2a) applies to it as well.

The activity of innovation and induction.

  1. Short Essay Do all of the essays. If an essay has parts, you must do all of the parts.
    To write your answers well, imagine that you are explaining the concepts to someone who is interested in learning about philosophy, but who has not taken this class and who has not studied the philosophers and concepts we have covered. Write so as to be understandable to such a person.
    If you quote a passage from the reading, use enough of the quote so that we can tell what it says and why quoting it was relevant. Be sure to tell what page and source (e.g., Booklet, BQ)


  1. (12 pts). For this question, answer part (a) and your choice of:  part (b) or part (c).  Your answer will probably require a few sentences for each of the parts answered.
    State the Ontological Argument.  Hint: Use Big Questions.

page 3

The Ontological argument is a stand, or set of arguments, that pins the existence of God from the very idea of God. For instance, the argument may be made that existence is due to, or symbolized by perfection, and because perfection is present, then God is present because God is perfect.

(Essay 1, continued)

  1. b. Is there a statement in the argument in (a) that you think is an Empirical

statement (= a Matter of Fact, a Contingent statement). To answer, first say what an Empirical statement is and then tell why the statement you chose is an example.

An empirical statement is a factual assertion that derives its legitimacy from experience. Part of the argument in (a) is an empirical statement because it asserts that God is present only because He can be experienced (through the existence of perfection)

  1. c. Is there a statement in the argument in (a) that you think is a Logically Necessary statement (= a Truth of Reason, a Relation of Ideas)? To answer, first say what a Logically Necessary statement is and then tell why the statement you chose is an example of one.

            The statement in (a) that God exists because existence can be experienced is a logically necessary statement because it relates the ideas of God’s existence to the experience of perfection.


  1. (18 pts) About 1 – 2 pages.
  2. a. What does the Two Worlds Assumption assume? Hint: It has two parts.

The Two Worlds Assumption assumes that the world is composed of two parts, the real world that comprises the physical things that can be touched, that grow, change and die. The second world is the world of pure forms, comprising immaterial things and one which experiences such as art and knowledge are based on.  

            Plato as the chief proponent of the Two Worlds assumption was of the view that true experiences are based on the second world, which he called the World of Being, as opposed to the First world that he named the World of Becoming.

  1. b. Describe the obstacle to knowledge that results from the Two Worlds Assumption. Hint: To answer, say to what knowledge it is an obstacle to, and then tell why it is such an obstacle. Remember that the Big Questions discusses this.

The obstacle to knowledge that results from the two worlds assumption, especially concerning the world of pure forms, is beauty. Beauty in this instance implies various art forms that require a sense of artistic appreciation. Appreciating art, poetry and such kinds of beautiful art can sometimes hinder from acquisition of true knowledge because such art forms utilize sentimental appreciation as opposed to true knowledge. 

  1. Rene Descartes is a Foundationalist about the nature of knowing. He thought that Foundationalism would allow him to surmount (or, to get around) the obstacle just referred to in part b of this question. Explain why he thought this. Hint: First, define Foundationalism.

Foundationalism is the belief that all knowledge is based on certain indisputable truths, for instance the formulas for geometrical problems are the foundations on knowledge on geometry. Foundationalism thus surmounts the obstacle of beauty by refusing to utilize experience as the basis of knowledge, instead relying on hard, indisputable facts.

Therefore, according to Descartes, in order to obtain true knowledge that is not biased by personal preferences as would be the case in artistic appreciation (since everyone has their own unique “taste”), only through acquiring knowledge through indisputable facts can such bias be surmounted.


  1. (18 pts) About 1- 2 pages.

David Hume thinks that once you become familiar with what he calls “the strange infirmities (= limitations, weaknesses) of human understanding,” you are likely to be more skeptical about your own beliefs and a better listener to the beliefs of others. He sees this as a very desirable result.
For this essay, choose two different claims advanced by Hume in the readings assigned that directly or indirectly address such infirmities. For each claim,



page 4


(Essay 3, continued)
a. Directly quote it, by giving either Hume’s own words from the Booklet, or Big Questions’ words. Tell what page(s) the quote comes from. Then describe in your own words what the quote is about.

  1. b. Explain why you think that becoming aware of this matter could (or would) make a person more skeptical than they were previously.

Here are some topics to which Hume spoke in the assigned readings. You are not  limited to these, but they are helpful starting points:  Impressions and ideas; ideas that combinations of other ideas; the three principles for association of ideas; Matters of Fact in contrast to Relations of Ideas; finding patterns in experience or generalizing based on it; beliefs about cause and effect.


            David Hume expresses skepticism as concerns our understanding of cause and effect (Big Questions, pg. 164). Hume challenges the belief or assertion that cause and effect are simply a matter of one event creating consequences in another event by interaction between the two entities. Using the example of two balls that hit one another, or rather a first billiard ball knocking on a second one and seeming to cause its (second ball’s) movement, Hume challenges the understanding of cause and effect by stating that what is perceived to be cause and effect is only our assumption, but not a matter of fact.

            According to Hume, there are scientific events which occur without instigation – that is, without a cause. Therefore, concerning the two billiard balls, Humes argues that the act of one ball hitting the other and the second ball moving is simply tow independent events whose link is assumed, but not supported by fact. Hume argues that the first ball may hit the second and then bounce back, or the balls may explode, which would then shatter the assumption of cause and effect previously made.

            Becoming aware of this matter would make a person more skeptical than they were previously because Hume’s argument challenges some fundamental assumptions on cause and effect. Extended to other fields of knowledge such as science, geography and even physics, the challenge of our understanding of cause and effect would be impactful to the extent of causing a rethink of some basic assumptions in those fields.

            Another claim that Hume makes concerns our experience of another world as argued by the Two Worlds assumption. Hume argues that it is impossible to ascertain the experiences of the non-physical world by experience of reason (Big Questions, pg. 164).

            According to Hume any experience that is claimed to be of the non-physical world cannot be ascertained by a feeling or experience outside that world, so that pinching oneself to know whether on is dreaming cannot aid in clarifying whether the individual is dreaming because the pinching will still be experienced in the dream world. 

            This claim by Humes would make a person more skeptical than they were previously because it challenges our belief in experiences between the real and non-real, abstract world.










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Instructional Strategies for Attaining Objectives

FfT Connection: Components 1a, 1d, 1e, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d, 2e, 3a, 3b, 3c, 3d, 3e, 4a, 4b, 4c, 4d, 4e, 4f
Data Wise Connection: Steps 5 & 6
List 2-4 effective instructional strategies, a description of how the strategies will be used in the classroom and demonstrates evidence of effectiveness for the instructional strategies in reaching the growth target.
To access list of content area suggestions for instructional strategies, visit the Curriculum and Instruction SLO Site.

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Case Mix Index Assignment

1. Listen/watch the lecture on CMI calculation.
2. Locate the spreadsheet file “CMI Excel Worksheet”. Using the Excel formulas, calculate the CMI for this group of patients.
On the bottom of this website, locate table 5 and download it.

4. From Table 5, locate each of the MS-DRGs and their corresponding relative weight. Using the file “CMI Excel Worksheet Update the Relative Weight” from the course, update the relative weight for each of the MS-DRGs for Fiscal Year 2016 in your spreadsheet.
5. Calculate the CMI for this new group of patients with the updated FY 2016 relative weights.
6. Analyze the difference in the CMI, and explain what the difference means to this healthcare organization. What is the financial impact to them?
7. Submit both Excel files and your discussion to your instructor for this assignment.

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population and workforce planning

The assignment will be administered in three parts (A, B and C). The maximum credit for the
assignment is 40% of the maximum total credit for the unit. The maximum credit for Part C is
15% of the maximum total credit for the unit.
You must do all parts of the assignment independently (i.e. without extensive help from other
people). Penalties for cheating or plagiarism or excessive collusion will be severe. You should
briefly outline the methods used to obtain particular results, as well as presenting the final
answers. Late submission will be penalised according to the schedule of penalties described in
the unit guide. No extension requests will be granted, unless an application for special
consideration with documented evidence of unavoidable disruption is submitted and approved.
The maximum numbers of marks which can be awarded for the various parts of a question are
shown in square brackets.
Please do not include the instructions or the questions in your submitted answer.
Table A presents values of lx and Tx by age for a life table for females in China in 2014:
Table A
Age lx Tx
0 100,000 7,468,364
5 96,315 6,985,239
10 96,102 6,504,194
15 95,943 6,024,078
20 95,716 5,544,930
25 95,369 5,067,216
30 94,970 4,591,365
35 94,506 4,117,676
40 93,948 3,646,543
45 93,154 3,178,790
50 91,966 2,715,991
55 90,065 2,260,915
60 87,137 1,817,912
65 82,323 1,394,263
70 74,902 1,001,200
75 63,212 655,662
80 48,203 376,872
[1] (a) Calculate life expectancy at birth for a Chinese female in 2014, rounding your
answer to 2 decimal places.
[0.5] (b) Calculate the probability a Chinese female aged 15 exactly survives to age 80
exactly, rounding your answer to five decimal places.
[0.5] (c) Calculate the probability a Chinese female aged 0-4 survives the next five years
rounding your answer to five decimal places.
Table B shows the numbers of females (in thousands) by age on 30/6/2014, age-specific fertility
rates (per 1000) for 2014, annual net migration (in thousands) by age for 2014 (note negative
signs indicate a net outmigration), and labour force participation rates by age for 2014.
Table B
Age Last
Number of
Females on
ASFR 2014
(per 1000)
Annual Net
Migration 2014
LFPR on 30/6/2014
0-4 38,538 -6 0.0
5-9 36,286 -4 0.0
10-14 34,931 -2 0.0
15-19 36,975 7 -10 32.0
20-24 50,235 134 -20 69.3
25-29 62,062 113 -24 82.1
30-34 48,320 40 -12 83.2
35-39 46,379 11 -6 84.4
40-44 58,138 4 -4 84.8
45-49 60,866 1 -2 80.1
50-54 48,753 0 62.4
55-59 38,817 0 53.8
60-64 38,602 0 40.6
65-69 25,733 0 27.6
70-74 16,992 0 13.9
75+ 25,445 0 5.6
[2] (d) Describe and give reasons for the variation in the numbers of females by age on
30/6/2014, shown in Table B.
[0.5] (e) Calculate the Total Fertility Rate for China in 2014, expressing your answer on a per
woman basis and rounding your answer to two decimal places.
[4] (f) Project the numbers of females in China in total and by age on 30/6/2019 assuming
the following:
female mortality between 30/6/2014 and 30/6/2019 is as per the levels in Table A,
all age-specific fertility rates remain constant at the levels in Table B,
the sex ratio at birth is constant at 115 males per 100 females,
annual net migration numbers by age remains constant at the levels in Table B,
all age-specific female labour force participation rates on 30/6/2019 are the same as on
You should state clearly the survivorship ratios you use (rounded to 5 decimal places)
and give each projected number by age to the nearest thousand females.
[4] (g) Describe and account for the differences between your projected female population
by age for 30/6/2019 and the female population by age on 30/6/2014.
[0.5] (h) Calculate the total numbers of Chinese females in the labour force on 30/6/2014,
giving your answer to the nearest thousand.
[1] (i) Assuming all age-specific female labour force participation rates on 30/6/2019 are
the same as on 30/6/2014, project the total number of females in the labour force on
30/6/2019, giving your answer to the nearest thousand.
[1] (j) Briefly explain why the total number of females in the Chinese labour force is
projected to decrease even though the total number of females in the population is
projected to increase.
For Part (d) the maximum length of answer is 300 words and for Part (g) the maximum length
of answer is 500 words. You may illustrate your answers to Part (d) and Part (g) with up to one
additional graph per part. For Part (g) you may incorporate interpretation of descriptive
statistics e.g. percentages, mean or medians into your answer. However it is not necessary to
provide details of the calculations. The marking for Parts (d) and (g) will reflect; the extent to
which your reader is informed by your answer, the level of understanding which is apparent, the
provision of overview, conciseness, clarity, accuracy, relevance, avoidance of plagiarism, and
adherence to length limits and timelines for submission.
For part j) the maximum length of answer is 100 words.

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Review of Performance Measurements Methods to Achieve Better Time-Certainty Project Delivery.

the dissertation proposal and my draft dissertation which i have written only 3500 about it ( literature review + methodology). My dissertation is about the performance measurement in the construction companies and how the lack of such measurements is effecting the construction industry in saudi arabia and causing delays in the completion of the public projects, and most if not all the public projects is vital for the development of the country and the community this delay is causing economical and social impacts. I have made two questionnaire to send one for the project managers and the other to the clients/ consultants on order to evaluate and investigate what sort of techniques they are using and what is the most important to them out of the indicators that is provided in the questionnaire (i sent it and got no answers). the idea of the questionnaire is to see where the contractor see themselves and where the clients think they really are in terms of the three main indicators in the construction industry (time, cost and quality). unfortunately i have not got the respond rate that i hoped for so now i need a help to finish my dissertation specially that my supervisor is really expecting good piece of work from me. so you have to fake the result your self saying that only 30% of the contractor rated 1st grade are using Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and internal benchmarking as there is no benchmarking systems in saudi arabia. and grade 2 contractor is way lower than that “you have to give numbers that make sense and look realistic’’ you can have look to what i have done and ask me all the questions you need but please make sure you don’t start unless its all clear and understood and if you need my help let me know.

thank you and good luck.

structure should be:
introduction ( you have to do)
background (i did)
literature review (i did)
methodology (i did)
result ( you have to do)
discussion (you have to do)
conclusion (you have to do)

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