Shortage of Primary care physicians in rural areas

Shortage of Primary care physicians in rural areas

The paper is about shortage of primary care physicians in rural areas.
The paper should address the following points:
1) the use of different types of payment and the effect of these types in quality of services provided:
a) capitation
b) Salary
c) fee-for-service
Pros and cons of these types
d) cost benefit analysis
e) effective controls on Quantity and quality
2) the recommendation to decrease the shortage of primary care physicians in rural areas
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Analysis of Ethical Dilemma from Current Events

Select an event or occurrence concerning a community or global population published in a newspaper, popular magazine, or professional journal within the last 3 months.

iii) Address all elements listed below in a substantive manner:

(1) Describe the event and ethical implications. Be sure to attach the source article or URL for the instructor.

(2) Use appropriate ethical terminology to define the concern(s).

(3) Analyze the scenario or topic according to the decision-making model.

(4) Identify the problem.

(5) State your value and ethical position related to the case. Present the theories and principles on which your position is based.

(6) Generate alternatives for resolving the problem.

(7) Examine and categorize the alternatives.

(8) Predict the possible consequences for those acceptable alternatives.

(9) Prioritize acceptable alternatives .

(10) Develop a Plan of Action.

(11) Evaluate: Did you do the right thing?

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Research essay

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