Women, leadership and international politics

In this essay, conduct a comparative analysis of an international public institution’s and an international NGO’s engagement with the topic. You can build on/expand the particular micro issue you worked on for the media analysis (media report on Angela Merkel). Your focus, however, must be transnational: not just one country and not considering issues solely as they impact on and between nation- states, but also as they impact on particular populations across national borders (e.g. indigenous populations or racial minorities, urban or rural poor, small or medium-sized businesses, women, cultural or religious communities, migrant/mobile workers and professionals, and so on), and/or political/civil society dynamics in transnational context. 
You should also ensure that you do not cast your focus too broadly, but pick one or two aspects of the issue that you would like to consider: they could be (depending on your chosen issue) in the areas of politics, society, economy, environment, trade, security, armed conflict, culture, language, religion, ethnicity, human rights, and so on; they could be considered at a global or regional level, or at the level of issues that involve two or more countries in a specific relationship (e.g. cross-border cultural, trade or ethnic politics). But you need to keep your focus contained, hence the possibility of simply expanding on your topic chosen for the media analysis.